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We invite you to know us better, to love the earth and enjoy organics.

In AMA we transform our organic fruits into juices and purees, to bring you food in its purest form.


Chile is a paradise, and we know it. We have unbeatable environmental conditions for organic crops, which is why we work diligently to protect the environment, because it benefits us all. We speak from a sense ownership about organic food because we live it every day, and that makes us responsible for preserving biodiversity. An organic field must meet several conditions, one of them is to avoid the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and of course artificial fertilizers, because they affect the planet. We love animals and nature needs them. Biological corridors achieve a unique environmental balance, attracting ladybugs and wasps, which together with sheep, geese, ducks, and chickens, work alongside farmers in order for our fruits to grow in harmony and free of pests—typical of an organic ecosystem.

Because we care and respect our partners.

When a worker loves what they do, everything improves. So we care and help our employees to be happier, committed, and proud of their contribution to our orchards. We do not use artificial pesticides so the environment is 100% healthy.

We use the highest quality controls and certifications, because we are responsible.

- We want to assure you that our products are made with fruits grown in harmony with the environment.

- We monitor each step of the process thoroughly.

- We use cutting edge technology to support strict quality controls.

- We transform fruit into juices and purees in the most careful way possible, so they are in their purest form.

There are 2 certification entities that audit our processes:

The French company ECOCERT audits the fruit and processing practices to certify our products as organic. This is performed under the strictest standards of the Chilean, American, Canadian, European, Japanese, and Chinese markets. The multinational company SGS audits all of our processes and ensures that we meet the standards for the British Retail Consortium (BRC), fully complying with the requirements of the strictest trade.

Food in its purest form

·  Not from concentrate

·  No preservatives

·  No sugar added

·  No water added

·  No coloring

·  No artificial flavorings


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